Course Description

Do you feel stuck?
Feel like you are holding yourself back?
Do you feel overwhelmed, lethargic or struggling to accomplish your goals?

Eliminate Procrastination, Boost Your Confidence and Enjoy Your Life More By Creating More Success with the Emotion Elation Engine™!

Do you want to accomplish great things? Use the power of emotions to accomplish your goals!

Imagine. Imagine what you can accomplish if your emotions no longer held you back. No longer allowing fear, overwhelm or procrastination stopping you from becoming the person you know that you can be. You know when you are trying something scary or too big or feel like it is too much. That is because your thoughts are thinking negatively which is causing your body to release negative emotions.

Affirmations can be used, however saying an affirmation when you do not believe it can cause a rush of negative emotions. Now there is a way to change it. No longer do you have to constantly push yourself into thinking new thoughts until you finally feel good about your goals. You can now use the Emotional Elation Engine™ to change your emotions and make it easier to create new thoughts. Use the power of emotions to change your thoughts to change your life!

Emotional Elation Engine™ has it all!

Do you get in your own way? Do you put off today what you can tomorrow? Do you feel overwhelmed by big projects? Do want to enjoy accomplishing big tasks?

    Emotion Elation Engine is designed to
  • End Procrastiantion
  • Get you to finish your tasks quicker
  • Increase life satisfaction!
  • Boost Confidence
  • Make you a happier person
  • Help you enjoy tasks you previous disliked
  • Reach your goals faster, easier and with more fun.

Brett Dupree

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Stepping Into The Awesome Stop Light

    • Disclaimer

    • ​ Emotions are the driving force of life.

    • You have control over your emotions

    • Positive Emotion Spinning

    • Reverse Emotional Spinning

    • Introduction to Red-Yellow-Green Visualization

  • 2

    Green - Inspiration

    • Foundation of Inspiration

    • Meditation - Inspiration

    • Meditation - Desire - add on

    • Meditation - Determination - add on

    • Meditation - Anticipation - add on

    • Meditation - Procrastination - Reverse Add On

    • Meditation - Apathy - Reverse Add On

    • Meditation - Fear of Handling It- Reverse Add On

  • 3

    Yellow - Ease

    • Foundation for Ease

    • Meditation - Ease

    • Meditation - Focus - Add On

    • Meditation - Meditative - Add On

    • Meditation - Fun - Add On

    • Meditation - Struggle - Reverse Add On

    • Meditation - Overwhelm - Reverse Add On

    • Meditation - Boredom - Reverse Add On

  • 4

    Red - Celebration

    • Foundation of Celebration

    • Meditation - Celebration

    • Meditation - Accomplishment - Add On

    • Meditation - Love - Add On

    • Meditation - Ecstasy - Add On

    • Meditation - Regret - Reverse Add On

    • Meditation - Failure - Reverse Add On

    • Shame Meditation

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